How a bestseller is born: the story of Milly

The seat with the innovative radius curve that leaves its mark

Often, quality is mistaken for complexity, but it is in the simplest forms that perfection resides. This lesson comes from a prodigious painter who lived between the 13th and 14th centuries. His name? Giotto di Bondone, a student of Cimabue. At the age of thirty, he had an incredible reputation, so much so that he even piqued the interest of Pope Boniface VIII, who was at the time searching for an artist to commission his portrait. The young Giotto won the Pope’s trust with a single gesture, drawing a perfect circle with a piece of charcoal.

Simple yet unparalleled, just like Giotto’s “o,” is the unique radius curve of Milly, the timeless best-selling armchair by Viganò & C., the brainchild of the alternative vision of architects and designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari. In Milly, comfort and elegance merge and never part ways.

With its embracing silhouette, essential line, and contemporary design, Milly is the friend to rely on at any moment, capable of energizing the start of the day while remaining comfortable throughout the duration of the sit. Thanks to its unique radius curve, it perfectly adapts to the body, making the sitting experience unparalleled and irresistible. With wooden or steel tube legs, with a 5 or 4-star base, with or without wheels, each solution represents the ideal furnishing element for offices, break areas, and meeting rooms. Its merit stems from a winning idea: making the occasions we spend most time sitting unique and comfortable.

A brilliant insight that has also led to the creation of Milly’s sister, Milly Big, a high aesthetic value armchair with which to stylishly furnish the most varied environments – whether it be waiting rooms, contract spaces, offices, or homes – without sacrificing comfort. Characterized by a modern and classy design, with Milly Big, you ensure the indispensable touch of charm and sophistication to space, making it elegant and welcoming.

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