Charme is an excellence in office armchairs with an eclectic and refined taste. Its main feature is the leather backrest worked with a diamond pattern, which gives a touch of luxury and elegance to the product. The Charme office armchair follows the dictates of luxury with a combination of high-quality materials and details.

The beech wood armrests add a further element of charm to the armchair. They can be upholstered for an added touch of sophistication or kept more basic, offering multiple design options to suit every decor style.

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The Charme bases are also a distinctive element. They are available in fine wood or modern aluminium, adding a touch of personality and style to the chair.

The Charme armchair is available in two versions: executive and managerial. This diversification of options allows you to adapt the office chair to different work needs and environments. The executive version offers a more formal look and is suitable for executive and management spaces, while the managerial version is ideal for more dynamic and informal work environments.

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Technical Drawings

disegno poltrone da ufficio
Executive armchair
disegno poltrone da ufficio
Manager armchair


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