Does design favor wellness in the office?

Vigano & C.’s tips for staying well at work

We spend a lot of our time in the office. A welcoming, well-furnished work environment, enriched by fine and elegant details, can positively influence the daily wellbeing of workers and their performance.

This is the base concept of Vigano & C., whose creations always prioritize the person. Alongside the research for the best aesthetic, each project is developed following the best practices for comfort and psychophysical health.

Beyond fundamental ergonomics, the design has a strategic role in creating inclusive, relaxed environments in which everyone can express their personality and reach their best results. How?

Let’s start at the office and colors. It is proven that warm tones stimulate productivity: the Queen seat, directional model with red finishes, is the modern style solution that will guarantee an energetic mood and maximum concentration. Comfort is assured by a long spine with a headrest.

Maggy is perfect for meeting rooms: a contemporary chair that is characterized by a lower armrest, which, beyond comfort, enables it to slide under the table. It is possible to use warm colors also in the meeting room without overusing them. Orange stimulates creativity and is proven to counter tiredness, while yellow favors concentration and learning.

There are different rules for relaxation areas. In break rooms, it is always good to use cool tones that, beyond helping the process of relaxation, slow blood pressure and facilitate breathing. In these environments, the two main colors should be blue, associated with serenity and meditation, and green, symbol of wellbeing and harmony. Here, you cannot miss George, the innovative and modern seat, configurable both vertically and horizontally, equipped with a side and central module, pouf and table, able to adapt itself in different ways to the space. Coffee with colleagues will have a completely different taste.

A rule remains valid for all environments: natural light is the element that makes a difference. An optimal luminosity of spaces has a positive impact on the psychophysical wellbeing of people, improving productivity.

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