Design and ergonomics, allies or enemies?

A word by Ivano Viganò, CEO of Viganò & C.

Design vs. ergonomics or design & ergonomics? At Viganò & C. elegance, functionality and comfort coexist in every product designed to improve the quality of people’s daily lives. Ivano Viganò, CEO of the company, explains why aesthetic beauty and user wellbeing can coexist in a single seat.

How does Viganò & C. define design?
Today we tend to consider everything design, but that is not the case. For us, design is the feature that makes one product distinguishable from another. Our designers work closely with the rest of the team to find those aesthetic features that make a product beautiful and unique at the same time.

How do you bring design and ergonomics together?
The combination of beauty and ergonomics stems from the designer’s pencil combined with our technical knowledge and materials.

How does design actually take place? What are the steps that lead to the final result?
It all starts with market demands, such as the evolution of environments and new material technologies. The first step is to give input to the designers, who begin to sketch out ideas for a new product that meets the new needs of the sector. Once the idea to be developed has been identified, the design is drafted. The most important step is to turn what is drawn on paper into a real prototype, on which all variables relating to aesthetics, dimensions, proportions and ergonomics are considered. After the engineering phase, in which all the necessary solutions are found so that the product is technologically feasible, follows the industrialisation phase, the preparation of all the necessary equipment for production. To this we add the production capacity of a company leading to the final result.

Why is ergonomic design important for every business?
There are beautiful but uncomfortable products, and there are less beautiful but very comfortable products. Our ability is to make a product comfortable and attractive at the same time.

What are the advantages of choosing your seats?
They are numerous. To name but a few:

  • the attention to detail, which for us is synonymous with the quality of product finishes;
  • the 100% Made in Italy creation: the national and international market continues to recognise in our manufacture an excellence that is difficult to find abroad and, in the case of Viganò & C., customers can be sure that the solutions they purchase are made in our Verano Brianza factory;
  • custom-made products, made to measure and customised according to specific requests;
  • the company flexibility that has distinguished us for years: we are a partner capable of listening to needs and finding the best solution together.

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