Waiting, as an opportunity

Wait, stop, slow down, breathe. When life is hectic, every break seems like a waste of time, but what if it were an opportunity instead?

The alarm goes off, time is short, we get ready, we go to work, we keep the threads of life suspended, which lead us to run like puppets in a liquid and always new world.

Accepting the break, the non-commitment, the waiting time that puts our days to sleep is tiring. In a world that wants us to be productive, always ready to react and quick to give answers, it’s not easy to slow down, least of all when you don’t do it voluntarily.

Moments of waiting and even boredom are not always something negative, science proves precisely the importance of this, starting with education for boredom that makes children more creative.

What can help us adults to make these moments profitable? A book, a chat with a stranger, music or the unwinding of our thoughts must be moments of perceived value.

An aesthetic, beautiful and comfortable space, which allows all this, however, is very fundamental. Sound-absorbing furnishings, ergonomic padding and charging stations are now essential elements, capable of making us enter more easily into a relaxed mood.

For this reason, Viganò focuses its design in responding to these new needs, giving value to fundamental moments in everyone’s life.

This is how the George sofa and the Greg indoor bench were born: furnishings are not only aesthetically refined, but above all functional, to accompany the Milly and Maggy waiting chairs, icons of Viganò sartorial quality.

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