Conferences and training: achieving success through seating

Discovering Syrio, the chair that promotes interactivity

Conferences, trainings and team building: events that require meticulous organisation. From the selection of speakers to the schedule of talks, from keeping to the timetable to managing the audience: there are many variables and dynamics that come into play and determine the success of talks, workshops and conventions.

Among these, the climate perceived by the participants cannot be overlooked: the surroundings must be comfortable, able to engage people, encourage new encounters and, no less important, stimulate curiosity. These skills are essential not only for the moment of initial impact but for the entire duration, because it is especially in the middle and towards the end of a conference, for example, that every effort must be made to maintain a high level of attention and engagement.

On these occasions, being able to put all participants at ease is the element that can guarantee the success of the event. Consultants and experts in the sector, such as interior designers and architects, are called upon to propose the best solution through which to combine aesthetic and logistical requirements.

Syrio is the armchair manufactured by Viganò & C., is specifically designed for the training sector, ideal for community gatherings.
Moreover, it not only facilitates collaboration among individuals but also ensures maximum comfort and allows for the smooth and efficient organisation of activities involving groups of people, from small to large audiences.

How to ensure a collective event becomes an enjoyable and unforgettable experience?
This question was the starting point for the lengthy work of the Viganò & C. R&D team, which, after an accurate study and design phase, created the ergonomic design of Syrio, with its simple and minimalist forms, the only chair suitable for encouraging interactivity while ensuring user well-being. Whereas the classic waiting chair suits conventions and conferences, the training version equipped with a pull-out writing tablet and wheels for easy movement, is perfect for any training room, from universities to companies, and for team building.

The position of the seats can thus be changed very easily according to the needs of the moment: in a circle for group work, in parallel rows for listening moments.
In addition, thanks to the space-saving solution for multi-purpose rooms, Syrio chairs can be easily closed and neatly and carefully stored without damaging their structure and materials.

Colour choice plays a pivotal role in setting Syrio apart: it is available in yellow, orange and red to positively influence the attention span of individuals, giving them the energy they need to increase productivity and concentration. Three alternatives that amaze and captivate the observer at first glance.

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