The Beo executive and task seating collection represents a set of office chairs specifically designed to improve the comfort and efficiency of workers. This collection focuses on several key aspects to ensure an optimal seating experience within the working environment.

The adaptability of postures through quick and intuitive adjustments is the heart of the Beo collection. The ability to adjust height, lumbar support and other parameters allows each user to customize their seat according to their needs.

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The Beo family of task chairs, in addition to great adaptability, boasts high technical quality. Only the best materials in terms of durability and quality are used in their production, to create chairs capable of withstanding daily and intensive use without deteriorating over time. This allows Beo executive and task chairs to remain beautiful and functional over the years.

Choose Beo for comfortable, customizable office chairs that will provide long-lasting comfort for years to come.

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Technical Drawings

disegno tecnico seduta beo
Executive armchair
disegno tecnico seduta beo
Task armchair


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Colour and Finishes Book
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Data sheet
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3D Models

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