Arturo is a multifunction table with castors designed to meet the needs of dynamic configuration of workspaces. Its main features are the presence of castors and the possibility of folding the top.

The castors allow to move the table easily and quickly, even in tight spaces. The folding top, however, allows to reduce the size of the folding table to a minimum when not in use.

These characteristics make Arturo an ideal table for work environments where it is necessary to be able to change the arrangement of the furniture according to the needs of the moment. For example, it can be used for meetings, presentations, training or group work.

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Furthermore, this table with castors is equipped with numerous accessories, including solid and practical hooks to facilitate the configuration and joining of the tables. These hooks allow to connect multiple tables together, creating a customized configuration based on specific needs.

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Technical Drawings

disegno tecnico tavolo arturo
Folding table
disegno tecnico tavolo da bar ribaltabile arturo
Closed table


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Data sheet
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3D Models

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