Hotels, restaurants and spas: when design is synonymous with hospitality

The importance of comfortable seating in welcome areas

Whatever the perspective of the person experiencing them, the halls of hotels and resorts, the lobbies of restaurants and spas must guarantee an incredibly impactful experience. For guests, they are the space in which to relax and enjoy moments in good company; for industry professionals, they represent the stage on which to show their best creativity.

Just like when you meet someone for the first time, first impressions have a great influence on what follows, and in the case of interior design, it can be a determinant.
Whether the wait is dynamic or relaxing, excellence in the hospitality of the Restaurant and Beauty sector is a must, one of the details that makes a difference, as the experts say. It is not an easy mission. For this reason, the hosts, called upon to manage functionality, comfort, aesthetic and many other needs, put their trust in the top specialists: visual merchandisers, home stylists, architects and interior designers able to choose the perfect furniture elements.

How can you guarantee an environment that connects privacy and sociality? Is it possible to blend entertainment and relaxation?

Viganò & C.’s response is absolutely positive. The keywords are flexibility and design: the perfect allies to satisfy every need.

The first moment of waiting to sit at a table at a restaurant must be a pleasure worthy of the lunch or dinner to be tasted. With its sculpted and curved forms, the Maggy Big is ideal for these occasions. Soft to the touch and upholstered all around, this seat is characterized by a concave trim in the spine of the seat that, extending in the upper part, awards ease and comfort.

There is nothing better than Milly Big to make guests of a spa feel at home, from the moment of check-in to after treatment. An elegant seat of clean and contemporary shape, of high aesthetic prestige. Thanks to the concave profile, which allows moving back the feet, ensures a classy furnishing without renouncing comfort.

The cousins Maggy Big and Milly Big can be upholstered with 192 different types of fabrics, to adapt to every need.

The common spaces of a hotel become the home of creativity with Greg and Geroge, perfect for spacious and modern settings.

Configurable according to taste, creating a unique structure adaptable to every context, Greg is the comfortable and elegant stuffed bench. Its strength is being 100% customizable: configurable with curved and straight modular elements, with or without a back, and upholstered with 192 fabrics and leathers from the Viganò & C. collection.

In this case, elegance does not exclude technology: awaiting to enter their room or suite, it is possible to recharge smartphones and computers thanks to the table integrated with a charger and USB ports.

For who wants more privacy, George is the must-have furniture element: an innovative, configurable system, both horizontally and vertically, fitted out by a side and central module, pouf and table, movable to offer numerous solutions. Reading a book or browsing a magazine in the company of George is a true pleasure.

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