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The best seating for a borderless space according to Viganò & C.

We live in a world without borders or limits. What happens in one remote place on the planet has an effect on the other side of the globe and the need to categorize every environment is now the past.
How can we survive this inevitable paradigm shift, above all in the professional context? By adopting a hybrid approach in all that we do, that, in the case of Viganò & C., means creating the best solutions, able to satisfy the needs of the present and the future.

The hybrid office is a phenomenon that regards not only the choice of furniture and business organization, but also the structure of the city and society. The workplace is no longer the headquarters of business. It has transformed into a cultural dimension. A place where you meet must be welcomingfunctional and aesthetically pleasing. It must possess all the qualities that allow for concentration and reaching goals.

Perfect for the meeting room is Milly, an extremely comfortable seat that comforts hugs its user, designed specifically for the occasions in which we spend the most time sat, like team meetings. Available in carefully selected diverse colors and fabrics, it is characterized by the innovative long-range curve that gives it its contemporary shape.
If we move Milly to the coffee break area, we recognize the versatility of this seat. The version with ash wood legs, coupled with a small table created with the same raw material, gives a touch of home to this zone. To make sure the pause is truly respected, it is necessary to create suitable spaces and experience them: a comfortable chair, a good coffee, some chatting with colleagues and maybe that book at home you never get around to reading.

Developing an understanding of what goes beyond the professional relationship is the first step to creating the right bond between colleagues. This is the thought at the base of Tommy, a collection of different-sized islands, adaptable to every need and ideal for informal moments. This new made in Viganò & C. series is enhanced by various accessories insertable upon request: from the space to the sound-absorbing panel, to the table with the smartphone charging station. Tommy is the furniture element created for the relaxation areas of modern offices.

Also in times of hybrid work, the attention to the work seat is high. Jolie is the “dactyl” seat that puts an end to the traditional office and totally embraces the smart approach to work. Reduced size, minimal design and the forma clean shape makes it the right seat for numerous working environments.

Adele is the seat characterized by a supporting structure in die-cast aluminum, a sort of exoskeleton that is supportive, light, robust, aesthetic and that frames the back. It offers maximum ergonomics: thanks to the reclinable seat, it can flex to the space and adapt to the shape of the human body.

Seating that responds to the revolutionary ideas to make businesses open meeting spaces able to welcomeinspire and make you feel at home. The professionals have the job of making the change by planning, furnishing and rethinking the hybrid space.

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