Ivo Pellegri

foto ivo pellegri

Versatile design

Architect and designer, Ivo Pellegri has been a member of ADI-Association for Industrial Design since 1984. After several successful collaborations as a designer with various companies in the furniture and architecture sectors, in 2007 he was awarded the European “Aluminium In Renovation” award for the headquarters of a famous pharmaceutical company. In the field of design, he works across different sectors, designing contract chairs, windows, doors, handles and furnishing accessories.

For Viganò & C. he designed the Madam Office collection, a family of armchairs that expresses a timeless concept for the office, and Madam Collettività, the winning solution for large audiences, born from the collaboration with the architect Roberto Molteni. The first is fresh, intelligent and practical, the ideal product for diversified use cases; the second, configurable with feet or wheels, can be easily set up in conference rooms and waiting rooms.

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